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Join Scott on his journey across country. Here’s his eleventh week recap…

Scott’s latest update: Feeling grateful… Here are his take-a-ways from Week 11: I am grateful; I feel sort of small; Where can you go that God is not there or with you? Read his full weeks 11 recap: https://lordsgymministries.org/scotts-yra-week-11/

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Join Scott on his journey across country. Here’s his first week’s recap…
Take-A-Ways week one: God is in the details of our lives; There are my plans, and then there are God’s plans. He is in control; Remain flexible and adaptive; From Lynn, keep at it long enough, and things get done; Kindness is a big deal.

Ready, Set, End Addiction

Come alongside at-risk youth and young adults in our community who are actively fighting addiction. Although they are resilient in their fight, they need you to offer strength, support and guidance in this battle for their lives. It’s time for all of us to push back on the devastation of addiction. Here’s how…

This spring join the #21n21 challenge in preparation for the Youth Resiliency Adventure in October. What is #21n21? It’s a virtual athletic challenge (much like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge)  where you commit to walk, run, or bike 21 miles in 2121 now through Sept. 30 to raise awareness to the risk of addiction. Then throw down the gauntlet to your friends and family, challenging them to do their #21n21 or to make a donation to YRA in support of youth addiction programs in the Greater Cincinnati Tri-State Area. 

Then, join us in October, Substance Abuse Awareness Month, for the Youth Resiliency Adventure event. Walk, run, or bike, as many miles as you wish, throughout the month to help us raise $75,000 for addiction prevention programming targeting at-risk youth and young adults in our community.

According to www.drugabuse.gov, drug addiction is a preventable disease. Education and outreach are key to helping youth and the general public understand and break free of the risks of drug abuse. Youth.gov, says that prevention strategies targeting the root of the problem are essential to curb drug use and help people lead healthier lives. Early intervention helps prevent substance abuse and reduce the negative consequences of addiction before they occur. In addition, each dollar invested in an evidence-based prevention program can reduce costs related to substance use disorders by an average of $18. According to drugabuse.gov, the estimated overall total costs of substance abuse in the U.S. exceeds $600 billion annually. As staggering as this number is, it does not fully describe the breadth of destructive public health and safety implications of drug abuse and addiction, such as family disintegration, loss of employment, failure in school, domestic violence, and child abuse.


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Focused on raising capital to fund addiction prevention programs targeting at-risk youth and young adults in the greater Cincinnati Tri - State area.
Email: info@LordsGymMnistries.org
Phone: 513-621-5300

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