About FOCAS (Lord’s Gym Ministries)

FOCAS, or the Foundation of Compassionate American Samaritans, a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization, was founded in 1986 by Mr. Richard P. Taylor as a Christian non-profit corporation. The initial objective of FOCAS was to help the desperately poor in remote areas of the nation of Haiti, with basic needs including elementary education, food, and medical attention until December of 2016. In 1993 Mr. Taylor started the Lord’s Gym, FOCAS’ trade name or DBA, in the inner-city of Cincinnati which has grown today to serve in three locations and one mobile location.

The vision of the Lord’s Gym began as a weight training and work-out program five-days a week that offers daily devotions to at-risk people. It is now called the Lord’s Gym Ministries of Greater Cincinnati Tri-State Area.

Today FOCAS is a unique, impactful non-profit that helps those in poverty; the homeless, the addicted, and families in need. We have served Cincinnati since 1993 through initiatives effectively reaching At-Risk men, women, and youth in some of the most violent neighborhoods in Cincinnati, including Queensgate, Price Hill, and Covington. To learn more, click here.

For a quick overview, please visit www.LordsGymMinistries.org and check out our introductory video on the home page.


“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment

before starting to improve the world”. Anne Frank

Focused on raising capital to fund programs targeting at-risk youth and young adults in the greater Cincinnati Tri - State area.
Email: info@LordsGymMnistries.org
Phone: 513-621-5300

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