Put addiction prevention into MOTION!

Join the Youth Resiliency Adventure; and, make moves to make a difference during National Substance Abuse Prevention Month!

 You’ve done your 20 for #20for20n20. Now, join the Youth Resiliency Adventure in your community.

 What is the Youth Resiliency Adventure?

 The Youth Resiliency Adventure month-long virtual athletic event for youth and adults to either Walk, Run, or Bike a personal distance goal during the month of October.  This event and the pre-event #20for20n20 have been organized by the Foundation of Compassionate American Samaritans (FOCAS). They also do business as Lord’s Gym Ministries in The Greater Cincinnati Tri-State. The Youth Resiliency Adventure, promoted on social media with the hashtag, #YRAdventure2nAddiction, was created to raise funds to prevent youth addiction, increase awareness of youth addiction, and encourage healthy physical, emotional, and spiritual growth.

Participants need to be a lawful U.S. citizen aged 18 or over (or someone who, if under 18, has received and presented the express written approval from a parent or legal guardian. See waiver on the registration site.

What can I do to join this adventure?

  1. Choose whether you will be walking, running, or biking for the duration of your adventure! Note that you can only pick ONE, not a combination of the three.
  2. Choose your distance goal (example: I am going to walk 50 miles over 15 days between Oct 1 – Oct 31. That’s only about 3.3 miles a day!).
  3. Recruit friends, family, and peers to sponsor your goal! This helps you stay driven to meet your goal while helping us reach ours! They can either pay a flat rate once you reach your goal or sponsor you for each mile you make in your goal. Tell them why you’re participating in this event (to bring awareness to and fund addiction prevention). Chances are that someone close to them has struggled with addiction too. Remember that sometimes a person is unable to sponsor you financially. That’s okay! Show grace to those people and keep reaching out to others. One of the people you ask may know someone who can sponsor you, even if they can’t!  

 How do I do it?

1. Once you’ve followed the registration process above, just do it! Put your goal into motion and make the moves you’ve committed to making. Be safe. Also, you will need either a Smart Phone with appropriate App or a Smart Watch to track your distance during the month of October. (Sorry, we are not accepting handwritten paper and pencil logs.)

2. Ask your friends to register with you! Fellowship couples well with exercise. Plus, you can create a team with our registration process.

3. Show your progress on social media platforms with the hashtag #YRAdventure2NAddiction. We’ll be keeping track of the hashtag usage.

4. When you’ve met your goal or gone above and beyond that goal, report the funds, by Nov 2, you’ve raised to:


 PO Box 5099

 Cincinnati, Ohio, 45205

 Send the report no later than Nov. 2. The DONATE tab explains how to collect the money your sponsors give to you or pledge!


Participants (both youths up to 18 years old and adults) are eligible to win the following fun prizes as a token of appreciation for their participation!

 Prizes for Youth Participants (18 years and under)

– The youth who raises the most funds will receive a $1000 savings bond. In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined by who went the greatest distance.

-The youth who walks the greatest distance wins a pair of urbeats3.

 -The youth that runs the greatest distance wins a FitBit Versa Lite Edition.

 -The youth who bikes the greatest distance wins a Fuji Red Ace 650 Bike.

 Prizes for Adults (participants over the age of 18)

-The adult who walks the greatest distance wins a pair of JBL Harmon Bluetooth Earbuds.

-The adult who runs the greatest distance wins a Garmin Vivio Smart HR.

-The adult who bikes the greatest distance wins a Fuji Candy Apple Red Finest Bike.

In the event of a tie for distance in any of the 3 categories, the prize will go to the participant who raised the most money. Please note that the images of the prizes above are representations of the prizes offered.

 Who am I helping?

We’re so glad you asked! The goal of these events is to raise funds for FOCAS’s efforts in preventing youth addiction.

 Addiction often starts at an early age. FOCAS’ friend Britni, for example, took her first drink of alcohol at age 16.

“Everything went downhill from there,” she says. “I started to use harder drugs. I was looking for a way out all the trauma that I’ve been through in my life. I felt so alone.”

Her life spiraled out of control.

“I started mess with older guys trying to find someone to love me because I couldn’t find a love at home eventually, I was out on the streets.”

Wrapped up in addiction she eventually lost her kids. She lost everything.

“I was so bad on drugs running around midnight until dawn,” she said.

The FOCAS ministry team spent years building trust and speaking life over Britni.

About two years ago Britni showed up at the Family Activity Center in Price Hill and said: “I’m ready.”

She entered a recovery program and has been clean for more than two years.

Perhaps, if she had had access to addiction prevent programs at an early age, Britni’s life experiences would have been different.

The money raised by your efforts for the Youth Resiliency Adventure in October will change the lives of so many young people like Britni now, before the path of destruction begins.

 Lives will change. The community will change. Dare we say the nation will change.

According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, the financial toll of substance abuse exceeds $600 billion each year. This number includes healthcare, crime, incarceration, and lost productivity. The institute also points out that the best way to cut those staggering costs is with substance abuse treatment and prevention. For each dollar spent toward this, up to $7 is saved in terms of reduced crime and judicial costs.

So, what are you waiting for? Register for the Youth Resiliency Adventure now and put addiction prevention and recovery into motion for your community today!


Focused on raising capital to fund addiction prevention programs targeting at-risk youth and young adults in the greater Cincinnati Tri - State area.
Email: info@LordsGymMnistries.org
Phone: 513-621-5300

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