The Resiliency Ride

The Resiliency Ride, organized by Lord’s Gym Ministries, is a 335-mile trek across the Great Allegheny Passage (GAP) and the Old Chesapeake and Ohio Railway from Pittsburg to Washington D.C. The ride will take place July 8 through July 16.

The bikecamping trip will allow five Price Hill youth the chance to visit the nation’s capital, broaden their horizons and fuel all their dreams.

“This is an opportunity for these young riders to build skills that will apply to every aspect of their lives, as well as last them a lifetime,” said Lord’s Gym Ministries Executive Director Scott Bowers.

Scott, also known by the trailname “Freebird” is leading the trip.

In 2021, he completed a cross-country ride via the TransAm Bicycle Trail, travelling East to West, he started in Yorktown, Virginia, and about 4,400 miles later ended in Astoria, Oregon. He rode in honor of Lord’s Gym Ministries to raise funds for the recently renovated Family Activity Center, as well as awareness of youth addiction.

This ride is a spinoff of his journey. Scott said, this trip will help the young riders stay “resilient in their daily battle against addiction and other barriers that negatively impact their lives and their community.”

“So many young people in Cincinnati are in the fight for their lives, whether it’s addiction, domestic violence, or poverty,” Bowers said. “Our youth are hurting. These things have the potential to destroy their future unless we push back.”

While pedaling the 335-mile trek, the youth will put into practice the core components of resiliency – connection, wellness, healthy thinking and meaning. They will build healthy relationships with fellow youth and the positive adult role models. They’ll be learning healthy habits. These are healthy habits that go beyond improving one’s  physical wellbeing, but also one’s mindset. This ride will provide a strong sense of purpose and meaning. 

You can help be a part of this amazing opportunity by sponsoring a Resiliency Rider, visit to donate, under Apply My Donation To, select “Youth Resiliency Adventure.”

We’re asking you to prayerfully consider sponsoring a youth at $2 per mile or $650 for the total cost of one teen to participate.

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